Clients' Stories

"Collaboration is two or more people working together to achieve a common goal."

A Global Licensed Food & Beverages Chain Group

Group of Coachees: District Senior Managers

Duration: 2012-2014

Our Role: Executive Coach on the Panel

It’s a people developmental intervention for the District Senior Managers who oversee all chain restaurants in Hong Kong. We were a panel of Executive Coaches and conducting one-on-one coaching development with them. Our coachees were nominated and awarded as the “Most Transformative Leaders” by the company group after completing the whole program.

A Multinational Manufacturer & Marketer Luxury Brand

Group of Coachees: Sales Manager, Field Coaches and Internal Experienced Coaches

Duration: 2016 to 2020

Our Roles: Project Designer, Master Trainer and Executive Coach on the Panel

It's an ongoing people development programme with individual and group coaching for the experienced in-house Coaches, including the customization of "Train-the-Coaches" refreshment training and follow-up practicum sessions. We designed a series of developmental programmes and conducted stakeholders' interviews, on-site and shops observations, feedback sharing and review with the client regularly to calibrate the progress and contents matching with the needs of their people growth strategy, organizational culture values and business growth.

A Globe Trailblazing Technology Organization

Group of Coachees: Team Heads & Project Director

Duration: 2016 to Present

Our Role: Executive Coach on the Panel

It’s an ongoing one-on-one and group coaching development for the Team Heads and Project Director. We were a panel of Executive Coaches and regularly conducted individual and group coaching per their Professional Development Plans. We gathered them to form a group of Coach to Coaches practice and introduced the uptrend coaching tips, tools, models and exercises for their handy applications at the workplace. We constantly reviewed their developmental progress and growth with the senior management to plan ahead of the next steps per their business growth and people development strategies.

A Leading Global HR Consulting Professional Company

Group of Coachees: All Levels, Corporate Clients

Duration: 2019 to Present

Our Role: Executive Coach & Wellbeing Master Trainer

It's an ongoing partnership and collaboration with customization on Mental Health and Emotional Wellness programme series for the Corporate Clients. We are working closely and researching to customize and design the learning and development programs per the clients' needs.

A Leading Research-based Biopharmaceutical Company

Group of Coachees: Professional Finance Team

Duration: 2020-2021

Our Role: Team Coach & Programme Designer

It's a team learning and developmental journey designed. The Team Coach met the team regularly. The key focus areas were empowering them to move from being individualized to team-focused, shifting ownership to the team, building up team goals and norms, and enhancing personal growth to team effectiveness.

A Leading Digital Clients' Shopping Experience Technologies Company

Group of Coachees: Senior Executives (CEO, Co-Founders, Directors)

Duration: 2021

Our Role: Programme Designer & Team Coach

It's a Team Coaching Process. The Coach facilitated them to revamp and formulate their organizational Vision, Mission and Value Statements and prepared them to integrate these to plan long-term business development with collaborative relationships.

A Biopharmaceutical Innovative Medicines Company

Group of Coachees: Senior Executives (All Directors' Level)

Duration: 2021

Our Role: Programme Designer & Executive Coach

It's a customized Leadership Development Programme for all Senior Executives via Workplace Big Five Profile™ to support them understand deeper their leadership styles from different facets as shown in the reports, including their strengths and potential areas of development.