"Feedback works like a Mirror-it Mirrors Back What and How We are Doing. ~ Dr. L. Michael Hall, Co-Founder of The International Society of Neuro-Semantics®

Dr R.L. Bhatia, World HRD Congress

We have identified you as the Most Talented Coaching Leaders in Hong Kong. My salutation on your achievements and best wishes for your continued success and endeavors. You embody as “Catalyst of Change” perfectly with a visionary approach. You have led HR to build itself into the fabric of the business, embracing change and contributing value.

Jo Holloway, CV Magazine AI Global Media

Fonnie you have been recognized in our forthcoming 2018 Coaching Elite. We are looking to highlight the globe’s most innovative and influential coaches who have gone above and beyond to provide expert training and support to clients throughout the year.

Education Manager, Multinational Manufacturer & Marketer

She is very experienced in coaching and her workshop delivery is inspiring.

Regional Retail Manager-Asia Pacific, International Luxury Brand

Fonnie the Coach is very experienced, well spoken, humorous and engaging, I learn how to take care of my emotions.

Master Trainer, Global Performance Improvement Company

Fonnie is a very gifted facilitator and I know she will make the training come alive for every participant who is lucky enough to have her facilitating the workshop.

System Support Manager, Global Financial Services Company

She is professional & knowledgeable! Creative & Resourceful! An accelerated learner and trainer. Very excellent facilitation to support others to learn and apply quickly at work and in life.

Relationship Manager, Global Investment Banking

Fonnie is a well-prepared and interesting trainer. Inspiring. Extremely useful! Excellent facilitation! Our learning are from our peers with her facilitating guidance!

Customer Relationship Executive, Professional Finance Company

She did well in the workshop's time management and even attended to the non-course related questions.

Chief Financial Officer, IT Technology Company

She is a good facilitator! She stimulates me to be open-minded, neutral and believe in my potentials. She is a kind and passionate one who leads us to be truly ourselves and be authentic leader.

General Manager, Trailblazing Technology Supplier

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Executive Coach Fonnie, who has been always supportive and caring. She is a very devoted professional coach. I am thankful to have her be my coach in my career journey.

Sales & Operations Manager, Healthcare & Innovation Company

Thank you for the insight sharing of Fonnie, emotion is an indicator and accumulative. The EQ training exceeded my expectation, I am glad I can be part of the training. Emotion is a spectrum, not just positive or negative, we can take alternative choices.

Department Manager, Design & Production Company

Very professional, nice, friendly and cheerful! She did well to encourage our brainstorming and feedback. Our neutral thinking is being promoted.

HR Manager, Construction & Property Development Company

With your professional support, the workshop had been completed smoothly and we obtained numerous positive feedback from the participants. We are deeply convinced that our young professionals had gained much from your experience sharing and training which are of great value to their NLP and self improvement skills.

Logistics Support Manager, Logistics & Transportation Business

Its a fruitful experience and learning. She effectively guides us to improve through understanding myself and others. She is flexible and open-minded to anything. She guides us many ways to see one thing.

Coach Minnie 米米教練 Life Coach, Relaxation & Mindfulness Coach

最欣賞的是 Fonnie 每次都用心地連繫我們每一位學員, 用一種很細膩的情感陪伴我們成長。 非常推薦。

Patrick Chiu, Professional Coach

Fonnie 導師不單有專業能力,還有用心關顧各人的情況。

Alan Hong, Financial Industry

很感謝導師 Fonnie 帶領我們小組渡過這個溫馨和窩心的旅程。透過 Fonnie 用心的帶領和 facilitate,學員雖然來自不同的背景和行業,學員用心聆聽,互相支持和得到啟發。Thank you Fonnie.

Thank You & Appreciation

Heartfelt thanks to all corporations, teams and participants who collaborated and co-created with Universe Professional Ltd. to achieving a Higher Level for Success based on truly valuing PEOPLE and continuously developing them to maximize their personal and professional potential to achieve the goals.

Look forward to collaborating with MORE like-minded corporations, team and individuals and walking along in this meaningful Human Potential Movement and Development in the coming many years.