COACHING for Breakthrough

1. What is Professional Coaching?

Professional Coaching is a two-way communication process between members of the organization (leaders to team members, peers to peers, team members to leaders) aimed at influencing and developing skills, motivation, attitude or the ability to perform and contribute to an organization’s goals.

International Coach Federation (ICF) defines Coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. It is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce fulfilling results in their lives, careers, businesses, or organizations.

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2. What are our Coaching Methodologies?

The Coaching process needs to start up from understanding the individual's/ team's current status to further develop appropriate action plans. Our Coaching Methodologies are built with research-based studies and adopted the applications of the worldwide licensed psychometric tools and models, such as:

    • The Meta-Coach System®

    • Psychology of Self-Actualization

    • The A-C-C Conversation™

    • Workplace Big-5 Profile™

    • The DISC Personality System Profile

    • The Six Seconds EQ-in-Action Model

3. What is the usual Coaching Arrangement?

Coaching is a profession; we bring our clients to see the values through coaching the leaders to perform to their best at work; and enable deep and inside-out changes for generating more business growth. We partner and grow together with clients through life-long learning and supporting people and businesses to achieve sustainable growth and development.

Our Coaches are internationally accredited and certified by The International Coach Federation (ICF). Per the client's developmental needs, a coaching intervention is customized and generally starting from 3 to 12 months with each session lasts for 60-90 minutes.

4. How to Lead your Team by Coaching?

Being self-aware is incredibly important as a Leader and essential in the coaching process. Leaders can help their people to self-actualize and better understand how they are perceived in the workplace.

Successful leaders coach to develop and groom their team members. Through coaching others, the leaders create a culture of advocacy and empowering others to take up ownership.

See a real case of a Leader, Shawna Garrett from Qatar, with 25 members from a variety of cultural backgrounds to co-create possibilities with the Coach and lead the team to achieve.

5. Why does Organization need Coaching?

Coaching is the predominant style of managing, working and collaborating, and where a commitment to grow the organization is embedded in a parallel commitment to grow the people in a longer-term.

For more information on how Coaching could help your organization and your employees' needs, please click here to contact us.