Community Work

"Happiness only real when shared." ~ Movie of "Into the Wild"

We Give and Serve

As a people-based caring company, we give and serve by connecting people to access their best states and well-being resources to build a better-growing environment where we live to be more congruent.

With many community work recognitions and award wins, we are a community enabler committed to serving and developing volunteering leaders, especially seniors and caregivers, in their personal growth and building well-being consciousness.

We welcome partnering with organizations to support their in-house social responsibility programs, community connect plans, and corporate volunteers' training on customized design.

It's more blessed to give than to receive

This motto deliberately underscores the reason for going beyond the business itself. Our passion is to promote Hearty People Connection and Supportive Relationships with Care to enhance the place we are living. We have served the below community work.