UP Coaching Space®

"Coaching is a Partnership. WE are our Best Coaching Leaders ever. Understanding the inner wisdom begins with self-care and self-leadership." ~ Fonnie Wong, Founder of UP Coaching Space®

UP Coaching Space® was set up to provide a platform that supports people in Knowing Thyself; Becoming Aware and Communicating Congruently through partnering and co-creation experience to encourage "Be-My-Own-Coach" culture, in a caring and friendly learning context.

Becoming more Self-awareness means knowing who we are and how we are seen, which is important and crucial for our job performance, career success, personal growth, family relationship, etc. in daily lives.

We promote "Self-Leadership Awareness" culture as Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to maximize their personal and professional potential to achieve their goals, through 1 on 1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Personal Growth, Psychological Education Sessions and Public Workshops.

【Coaching Service】教練服務體驗

引用教練 Coaching 技術的好處,是融合深度聆聽和非批判性提問,先透徹地明白你的根本源頭,通過互動和同理心,加強溝通和引導您提高覺察,引發你發現自身「盲點」,有助明白情緒訊息、提升正面思考、自省能力和行事動力,協助厘清目標和方向。


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🔅 究竟教練學 (Coaching) 有甚麼種類?

🔅 如何加入成為一分子?

採訪三位不同背景及專長的教練。UP Coaching Space® 的 Fonnie the Coach 分享作為教練的準備。如果您想知道是否適合擔任教練,或者需要一位教練協助,可以重溫錄影了解