WELLNESS for Integration

We believe in more integration and alignment of our Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit, more being congruent and becoming fully human to living out our lives. 

We support organizations to facilitate Mind-Body-Emotion (MBE) Wellness programs through a wide range of experiential initiatives to learn and grow with Humanism which brings our lives more meaning, purpose, hope and joy. 

There are a lot of customized experiential activities on our lists conducted by licensed trainers, such as:

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We have more trademark wellness programs as follows.

SUMedia® 心之美® 

Through customized sensory-based activities like performing art, painting, drama, theatre elements, media, tea appreciation and other creative tools to facilitate participants to develop their personal qualities in non-verbal and verbal approaches. It enhances more self-awareness.

SUMoment® 心之源®

Through the relaxing and mindfulness exercises in the natural environment; the participants are facilitated to get a bigger scope about their current mental, emotional and physical health status. It enhances the work-life-balance context.

SUMusic® 心之樂® 

Through the enjoyment of musical activities, the participants are inspired to understand more about their habits of thinking and expressing with self and others.  It enhances communication and relationship building.