Universe Professional Ltd.

Coaching | Training | Wellness

To Propel Sustainable People Development, Organizational Effectiveness & Integral Wellness to Acquire a Higher Level for Success and Awareness.

Universe Professional Ltd. is a boutique and dynamic consulting company, founded in 2009 specializes in customizing programs to propel sustainable People Development, Organizational Effectiveness & Integral Wellness for Corporations, Teams and Individuals with the mandate of promoting heightened self-awareness, to achieve a higher level for success and awareness.

We deliver research-based Integral Coaching | Training | Wellness consulting and people development services in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and across the Asia Pacific countries. We treat and trust all the service process designs are client-focused partnerships with two-way communication and collaboration, which best serves the clients' needs for professional and business growth.

UP Coaching Space®, powered by Universe Professional Ltd., is set up to cultivate the coaching culture and promote self-coaching awareness. It is a platform that supports people more in knowing thyself; becoming aware and communicating congruently through co-creation.

We believe that people are all intrinsically learning and growing through humanity while living our lives with joy, hope, meaning and purpose. More integration and alignment of our Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit within ourselves; more being congruent and becoming fully human to living out our human potential.

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Honors & Awards

Per our past efforts in promoting heightened self-awareness through Coaching to Businesses, Schools and Community in the last decade, we’re honoured to be recognized as:

  • 【HONG KONG Most Talented Coaching Leaders】presented by World HRD Congress, CHRO Asia and World Federation of Human Resources Professionals.

  • 【2018 Coaching Elite Leading Coach from Hong Kong】presented by CV Magazine AI Global Media.

These are celebrating the continuous commitment and contribution of our Company in promoting heightened self-awareness through Coaching Applications to businesses, schools and the community over the last decade.